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Featuring: Moharam Panahi (front #1 in line); Hadi Mohammadi (front #2 in line); Hassan Khosravi (front #3 in line); Babak Akbarniya (2nd row #1 in line); Abbas Agheil (2nd row #2 in line); Reza Rezaei Jafari (2nd row #3 in line); Reza Bagher Zadeh (2nd row #9 in line); Abolfazl Navidi Benhkohal (2nd row #10 in line)
From the album: 2011 World Championships - Athlete Snapshots – A couple of snapshots taken during the 2011 WBPF World Men's Bodybuilding Championships as held in Malacca, Malaysia.
Photographed: November 12, 2011 - November 13, 2011; Added: July 18, 2012; 314 views
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