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Featuring: Sitthi Charoenrith (front #1 in line); Wanchai Kanchanapimai (front #2 in line); Liang Yue Yun (front #3 in line); Ishaq Mohd Ibrahim Abbas Ahli (front #4 in line); Roongtawan Jindasing (2nd row #1 in line); Pala Meechai (2nd row #2 in line); Somkhit Sumethowetchakun (2nd row #3 in line); Apiporn Chomsomboon (2nd row #4 in line)
From the album: Posters
Photographed: 2008年1月1日 - 2017年12月31日; 加えられる: 2009年7月3日; 963 views
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