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Featuring: Pham Van Mach (#1 in line); Jiraphan Pongkam (#2 in line); Somkhit Sumethowetchakun (#3 in line); Sazali Bin Abdul Samad (#4 in line); Xin Jian (#5 in line); Babak Akbarniya (#6 in line); Yaser Esmaeili Jorjafki (#7 in line); Mahdi Ayari (#8 in line); Reza Bagher Zadeh (#9 in line); Abolfazl Navidi Benhkohal (#10 in line)
From the album: 2012 Asian Championships Medal Winners – All medal winners at the 46th Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships held in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China.
Photographed: September 23, 2012; Added: September 26, 2012; 703 views
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