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Q: Whom do I talk to if I have a question?
A: You can contact us here.

Q: How do I make a purchase?
A: Select the products you like and add them to your shopping cart. Once you are done, choose check out from your cart. You will be asked to enter your address, choose a delivery class, verify your order and then proceed to pay. After we receive your payment, ThaiBody will ship your order.

Q: Which payment methods do you support?
A: Our store supports payment by credit card and PayPal transfers. Payment by bank transfer or direct bank deposit are also options, but these may be impractical for international orders. We do not accept cash, checks, or PayPal accounts that are funded through eChecks.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes!

Q: What delivery classes do you offer?
A: For deliveries in Thailand: regular mail as offered by Thailand Post, or EMS. For international deliveries, there are up to three classes: EMS, Air Mail and Economy Air. EMS is the fastest but most expensive option, and Economy Air is the cheapest but slowest. However, depending on your delivery address, not all options may be available.

Q: Do I pay a delivery charge?
A: For Thailand, delivery is free through Thailand Post. For international deliveries, we charge the apprioriate postal rate plus a small handling fee of US$2, with a minimum total of US$4.95 for Shipping and Handling.
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