ThaiBody is a site about bodybuilding and fitness with exclusive photos, video clips, and much more. And we are attracting a world wide audience. We are currently offering 4 different advertising locations on

Leaderboard, 728x90 pixels

  • At the top right of every page
  • Exclusive
  • Price: TH฿ 2,500 per week

Leaderboard, 728x90 pixels

  • At the bottom center of every page
  • Exclusive
  • Price: TH฿ 1,500 per week

Homepage Box, 420x200 pixels

  • At the right column on the homepage only
  • Non-Exclusive
  • Price: TH฿ 1,000 per week

Wide Skyscraper, 160x600 pixels

  • At the the right side of content pages
  • Exclusive
  • Price: TH฿ 1,500 per week
Blanket price for all ad locations: TH฿ 5,000 per week
Monthly pricing: 2.5 x weekly pricing
Availability: within 48 hours
  • Pricing is inclusive of 7% VAT
  • Minimum reservation is 1 week
  • The contents of the ads are subject to our approval
  • Special arrangements available
If you are interested please contact us!

Updated: September 20, 2010

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