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Featuring: Iman Setiaman (front #1 in line); Park Hun (front #2 in line); Almas Mosa Hasan (front #3 in line); Joemar Pamittan (front #4 in line); Gabriele Trischitta (2nd row #1 in line); Karl Adam Tuilatai Chanel (2nd row #2 in line); Raftarhamedani Vahid (2nd row #3 in line); Jacques Alain Hoavan (2nd row #4 in line); Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen Bin Abdullah (2nd row #5 in line); Otieno Samuel Akumu (2nd row #6 in line); Abdul Aziz B Haji Tuah (2nd row #7 in line); Wong Yu Him (2nd row #9 in line); Kim Jong Bok (2nd row #11 in line); Wemin Lucas (2nd row #13 in line); Al Jassas Muneer Jafar (2nd row #15 in line); Firuz Davlyatov (2nd row #16 in line); Alexey Frolov (2nd row #17 in line)
From the album: World Championships: Men 70kg Pre-Judging – Photos from the WBPF 1st World Men's Bodybuilding Championships at the Al Ahli Club's indoor hall in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Photographed: November 6, 2009; Added: May 5, 2011; 121 views
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