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World Championships (2009年)

2009年11月3日 - 2020年7月9日 (6 days)

[?]The World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation's 1st World Amateur Men's Bodybuilding Championships and Electoral Congress were held at the Al Ahli Club's indoor hall in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates from November 3rd, 2009 till November 8th, 2009.

November 5: Weigh In
November 6: Pre-Judging
November 7: Finals

Overall best performing countries were:
1st: Iran
2nd: Iraq
3rd: UAE
アップデート 2009年12月14日: With the addition of the Men's Overall photo album, we finished our coverage from the finals. There are 3,500+ photos from 11 bodybuilding categories, 55kg to 100kg+ and the Overall. Next up are the photos from the pre-judging rounds.
アップデート 2009年11月19日: We added our videos from all finals featuring the individual routines, comparisons and posedowns for our subscribers. Enjoy one hour and fifty minutes of high definition video! A DVD of these championships is scheduled for release in December 2009.

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