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Featuring: Adam Kozyra; Oleksii Matroshin; Attila Zoltán Szalma; Ubaidillah Nasri Abd Latiff; Vadim Komarnitskiy; Aloysius Jaimon; Suzaili Abd Rahim; Jefry J. Wuaten; Peter Molnar; Mohammad Osman Anwary; Muliono; Zetri Munir; Yaroslav Kasandrovich; Hadi Mohammadi; Wong Hong; Abolfazl Navidi Benhkohal; Hassan Khosravi; Sangram Babar Chougule; Reza Rezaei Jafari; Mathias Anchah; Babak Akbarniya; Roman Gavryshchuk; Arambam Boby Singh; Moharam Panahi; Tun Min; Sumardi Bin Jumat; Abbas Agheil; Reza Bagher Zadeh; Komara Dhitayana; Yousef Karimi; Jalaal Misaad Al Rayashi; Edoardus Apcowo; Michael O. Borenaga; Tun Jahfar Bin Abdul Rahim; Syafrizaldy; Sazali Bin Abdul Samad; Mahdi Ayari; Kamal Abdull Salam; Nguyen Van Lam; Somkhit Sumethowetchakun; Khuntan Puangphet; Prap Paramapooti; Buda Anchah; Jiraphan Pongkam
Preview of the 2011 WBPF World Men's Bodybuilding Championships that took place in Malacca, Malaysia.
From the album: ThaiBody TV Podcasts – Step into the world of Thai bodybuilding and fitness with our ThaiBody TV Podcasts! See how the champions prepare themselves for a contest, and hear them tell about it in their own words. Meet the rising bodybuilding stars practicing their posing routines, watch how they get big, and listen to their dreams and ambitions for the future. Language: Thai.
Recorded: June 28, 2009 - December 31, 2011; Duration: 1m31s; Added: November 25, 2011; 19,304 views
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