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2008 Asian Championships [DVD1]

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Asian hardcore bodybuilding at its best!

The 2008 Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships were held in Hong Kong from July 15-20.

This DVD, the first of three from this event, features the 42nd Asian Men Bodybuilding Championships, consisting of the following weight categories:

- 55kg, with winner Pham Van Mach (Vietnam)
- 60kg, with winner Asrelawandi (Indonesia)
- 65kg, with winner Somkhit Sumethowetchakun (Thailand)
- 70kg, with winner Mohamed Salem Abdulla Zahmi (UAE)
- 75kg, with winner Chan Yun To (Hong Kong)
- 80kg, with winner Park In Jung (South Korea)
- 85kg, with winner Baitollah Abbaspour (Iran)
- 90kg, with winner Mohamed Ali Ahli (UAE)
- 90kg+, with winner Ali Tabrizi Nouri (Iran)

Each of these categories start with scenes from the pre-judging round, showing all participating athletes. The final round features the individual posing routines from the finalists, comparisons, posedown and victory ceremonies.

Technical Details
- Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
- Audio: Dolby Digital
- Media: PAL / DVD-R
- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9
- Language: English
- DVD Region: All
- Interactive Menus
- Scene Selection

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