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Featuring: Khuntan Puangphet (front #1 in line); Parinya Aimoey (front #2 in line); Chanchai Kongmoon (front #3 in line); Phairat Phanaosri (front #4 in line); Somsri Turinthaisong (front #5 in line); Wanchai Sangsuriyachat (2nd row #1 in line); Surachai Plangiam (2nd row #2 in line); Jakrawat Intarangsri (3rd row #1 in line); Wichien Jamjumlas (3rd row #2 in line); Seksan Sinseng (3rd row #3 in line); Saran Chuennonthana (3rd row #4 in line)
From the album: 2011 Thailand National Team Presentation – Our impression of the 2011 TBPA congress where the candidates of the Thai bodybuilding and fitness team were presented to the press. The Thai team is preparing for the Asian and world championships that are going to be held later this year.
Photographed: May 28, 2011; Added: May 29, 2011; 731 views
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